Tips for a Dream Destination Wedding in Breathtaking Malaysia

If the pictures of Malaysia have made you fall in love with it, and you are thinking of having your special “I do” moment in breathtaking Malaysia, then here are a few tips for you.


Make a Budget That You Will Be Comfortable With

Like every other wedding, destination weddings too need to be given a certain budget. This budget will determine how many guests you can entertain, as well as many other expenses of your wedding. Remember, that the lesser number of people you invite, the easier it is to make sure you can make it an unforgettable experience for your invitees, as well as for yourself.


Take the Time to Visit Your Wedding Destination

More often than not, photographs of hotel venues or wedding venues can be misleading or inaccurate. As your wedding venue is a large part of your destination wedding, consider traveling to your venue beforehand, just to make sure it is as you wish it to be. It is also best if you also do a thorough research about the climate and weather condition of the time you plan on having the wedding at, as well as the hotel and other similar rates during that period.


Include the Local Food and Traditions at Your Wedding

By chance or by design, you have chosen Malaysia as the destination of your wedding. This being said, why not make more of Malaysia, rather than only the venue a part of your wedding? Consider including a few of Malaysian traditional or modern dishes into your reception meal. Including Malaysian music to your wedding, or even asking your guests to dress in the traditional Malaysian clothing are also great ways to include it to the wedding.

Make Arrangements for Your Guests’ Accommodation

It goes without saying that as your guests are travelling from far and wide to join you on your special day, you need to make sure their experience and their overall journey is one that is memorable and enjoyable. As a good night’s sleep is more a requirement than a luxury, make sure your guests all have comfortable accommodations not too far from the venue. It’s also a good idea to make sure all your guests stay in the same hotel. Look out for discounts when reserving ahead of time.


Entertainment for the Guests Who Arrive Beforehand

While it is true that most of them will only be arriving the day prior to the wedding, some of them might choose to arrive at the destination a little before that. Rather than leaving them to their own entertainment, consider getting them group entertainment like Sandakan tours. Obviously, you will need to know the details of these entertainment options, so do take time to make a few inquiries when you visit the venue beforehand.


Why Stop At The Wedding Alone?

Malaysia is so much more than a simple wedding destination. It’s also one of the hottest spots for honeymooning. Don’t waste time travelling to another destination when you can find some of the hottest resorts and the most beautiful beaches with the clearest waters right here in Malaysia!

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