How to organize a big event, no pressure

Some people are born be to excellent organizers, whether it be an event or a wedding or even a simple thing as a study group, they will organize everything brilliantly and effortlessly, but some people struggle even at the hint of simple organizing, even as something as simple as their own room. However, it is not a bad thing if you aren’t a champion organizer, it simply means you are different and that is okay. We can get on with life not worrying too much about this, but if you are assigned to organize an event and you aren’t a champion organizer, you might feel super tensed and stressed. But not to worry, anything big starts off small; following guidelines will help get that pressure off your chest when you are in charge.

First thing’s first: don’t look at the big picture. Quite the opposite of what you might hear ordinarily. But if you are tensed about this big responsibility on your shoulders, looking at the big picture will only frighten you more. Break your massive event down into smaller parts. Handle each part separately and do the best you can do get that respective part of the event done without worrying about it all coming together.

Get a caterer involved at the earliest stage, for example: party catering Singapore. Assign the caterer their duties and step aside. If you are given an assistant to help with the organizing, let them follow up and keep track of the work being done.

Get a team of decorators to handle all your decors. Show them your vision for the event and what you would like them to do and allow them to decide among themselves how they are going to do it. Don’t stress about whether what you are asking is too much, remember it is their job to do that. Assign someone to follow up if the work being done is to your liking and don’t worry too much about the minute details that often go unnoticed.

On the day of the event, assign a few people to look after each part of the event if something goes wrong, for example; people to look over the food part of the event, people to look after the needs of the guests, people to overlook the gifts. If something disrupts the smooth flow of the function, let the assigned people deal with it unless it requires big decision making don’t get involved and worry about the smaller things.

Keep it simple; handle the main parts of the event make all the big decisions but let your assistants or the people that work for you or help you worry about the nitty gritty details. This way your event will flow smoothly, and you can enjoy it as well.

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