How to Surprise Your Lady

It doesn’t always have to be her birthday or anniversary or Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love for her. Surprising her doesn’t mean you need to spend heaps every time you get her something. It’s the thought that counts so here, we will be looking at surprises you can randomly give her ‘just because’.

It is so easy for you two to get busy with your own lives and not take extra time to do something special, no matter how minor it is. So giving her little surprises will cheer up the mood between you two and re-ignite the love.

  1. Try an old standby

The easiest you can do is get her a traditional gift that has been in the book forever. You can buy chocolates online Singapore, get her a bouquet of roses or any of her favourite flowers, a soft toy, jewellery or any of the romantic gifts on the list. You need to personalize the gift so that she knows you’ve put some thought into it. For example, you can’t just go pick up a soft toy off the shelf. You need to get her what she likes; if she likes giraffes, getting a teddy bear won’t do the trick. Don’t forget to add a note to it. For the bouquet you can get a card, some toy shops imprint your names on the soft toy.

  • Help her relax

She must be undoubtedly doing all the chores around the house, taking care of the kids and you, going to work and the store; well she does everything. It’s time you took some responsibility too and this will help her relax. Plan an entire day that will be dedicated for her comfort and pampering. Do all the chores, prepare her meals, and give her a massage when she gets back from work, the options are endless. You can plan this on a weekend by letting the kids go off to their grandparents’ house while you two spend some alone time together.

  • Plan a random date

It must’ve been so long since you’ve been on a proper date so take her out on a random day, just make her feel that she is precious not only on valentines or anniversary, but all throughout the year. You can show up at her office during lunch and head out to a nearby restaurant. You can plan something bigger at a fine-dine restaurant in town that she has always wanted to go. Go exotic and choose a French or Italian place so that she will like the change from the usual pizza or burgher stand. Don’t miss out on the details; buy her a new dress, arrange for candles and music at the restaurant and maybe add a simple gift at the end.

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