A Busy Mom’s Guide to Entertaining Children

Are you worried that you do not have any time to be spending with your children? Are you even more concerned that they have nothing to do all day? If this is because you are busy working at your job and there is nobody else to take care of the children as lovingly as you can, do not fear – read on below for how you can facilitate your children in terms of learning, entertainment and wholesome growth while you go to work:

Send Them to School

Maybe your children are too young to be going to mainstream school, but you can always enrol them in institutions that offer phonics and reading classes Singapore – these institutions are designed to help your child go and grow with their education, and help your child’s develop with the right amount of attention and care.

If the concern here is the possible mistreatment of your child, you again have nothing to worry about. These institutions are popular country wide and they are run by professional caretakers that are trained in handling all sorts of situations. Besides, if there is ever an emergency, the institute’s policy is to immediately contact you and let you know, so you know that whatever happens, you will get to know about it.


Not only do these institutes provide superb learning facilities, they also provide your children with socialization skills, when it comes to befriending other children in the programme. This makes sure that they do not feel that they are alone, and will help them get over whatever percentage of separation anxiety that they have within themselves – this will not only help your child in the long term, it will also help you.


Office Day care

If you are a working mother, chances are that your workplace has a day care system in place for you to leave your kids at. While these do not have specialized sessions for children, the people involved are reliable, professional and caring – they will watch your child like their life depends on it, and you will be notified if anything is wrong. The advantage here is that you can run to your kids whenever they are in trouble or sick, because they hang out right where you work! It is also convenient for you to make one trip to and fro every day for both you and your kids.

A Friendly Face

You can enlist your friends to hang out with your kids once in a while, so as to provide them with familiar company away from the monotony of school or day care.


All in all, busy mom, you have many options to choose from – do so wisely.

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