How to Get an International Education in Singapore

Whether you are an expatriate working in this country , an employee on work-transfer for a few years, a migrant or maybe a national of this country, you will find that getting an international education for your child in Singapore is just as easy as learning your ABC’s .

As a parent, you want to make sure that your child’s educational foundations are strong and face no restrictions. This is especially the case for families who are forced to shift their homes frequently because of work related issues. In such instances, making sure that your child/ children follow an international curriculum gives you a fail-safe path to an undeterred learning experience, independent of the country of residence. And if that country happens to be Singapore, then get ready for some good news.


Thanks to the Singapore government’s policy of a ‘Global Schoolhouse’, the education field here has shown much development in the last two decades. This position ultimately gave way to the advent of many institutions providing secondary and tertiary education. Therefore there is a wide selection of such schools all over the country and finding one that suits your budget and curriculum is very easy. In addition, all schools are required to maintain the high standards set by the Ministry of Education of Singapore, so there’s a lot of quality out there. It should be mentioned that since English is taught as the first language, students coming from international backgrounds will have no setbacks at all.


If you are looking to pursue a UK qualification for your son or daughter in the future, there are many schools in Singapore that offer IGCSE and EDEXCEL exams. The British Council also provides details on all accredited educational institutions. This will help you decide the best British international school Singapore has to offer you.


Most international schools also offer the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) along with foundations originating from their own regions. These include schools from Australia and Canada. Other options are schools that fall in line with US state standards (AERO). There are even a few schools that offer curriculum from New South Wales.


The first step would be for you to gather information from friends living there, other parents and even your embassies. In addition to the schools’ websites, you will find there are many pages that offer guidance and recommendations. So make sure to have a thorough look before deciding. Many institutes also have open days and seminars that are very helpful to parents and students and gives them a good opportunity to get firsthand experience.

Whatever choice you make, be rest assured of a bright future for your child’s education. The government of Singapore has always given importance to developing the educational field. It would seem that its lack of natural resources has directed the countries attention to developing human resources and building a knowledge based economy. This eventually has made Singapore an undeniable haven for those who seek high quality education.

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