Ways to increase the useful life of your vehicle

If there’s anything men love more than women, it’s cars! Driving down the lane with an impressive piece of motor engineering is a feeling that is golden and will turn plenty of heads towards you. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting your ride to look pumped up, it is more important to make it good from the inside, so that you can enjoy it for a very long time.

No matter how cool the exterior may look, if the core functionality of the car is not at its best, you can forget about driving it for a long time. Discussed below are a few ways in which you can get your car to its best possible state and extend its useful life.

Regular expert care

You may know your way around the mechanics of a vehicle and can get yourself through most vehicular breakdowns and other emergencies. However, a professional knows a lot more than you and you must always find the time to get their consultation on the stat of your car to make sure it is functioning well. Much like motor insurance Singapore vehicle owners must get their rides services regularly and make them fit to handle the many challenges on the road. If you wait till you notice a problem to get it fixed, it will use up a lot of time and money and if the situation gets really bad, you might even have to say goodbye to the car you love so dearly. Therefore, drive down to the service station at least once every month to get the vehicle checked for any defects so they can be fixed before it’s too late.

The oil factors

Oils are like the lifeblood of a car and it must always be handled carefully, at the right amount and the right quality. Transmission and differential oil doesn’t necessarily need replacing frequently. However, based on the frequency at which the ride is serviced, you must do an effective oil change to keep the vehicular systems functioning smoothly with a minimum level of friction. A special level of care must be given to select and stick to the right kind of oil of the ideal viscosity to avoid having any adverse effects on the corresponding internal systems. Be sure to consult an expert when selecting the most suitable oil type for your vehicle without trying a bit of everything and ruining the delicate internal components, which will cost a lot more to fix.

The brakes

The importance of brakes to a vehicle and those traveling in it cannot be stressed enough, although most drivers do not give enough attention to this vital factor. When commuting on a busy road, all that stands between you and the many other angry drivers surrounding you are the vehicle’s brakes which keeps you safe and the vehicle dent free. When the brake shoes get worn out completely, it can cause damages to the brake rotor which will require a lot of money to fix. Examining the state of brake shoes is very simple and it can be done by a visual inspection. If you feel it’s time to get those thin shoes replaced, get it done asap to avoid having to spend way more on replacing an entire brake rotor.

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