Amazing things to try out in Ubud

If you happen to be planning a vacation to Bali, you cannot skip out on Ubud. This is without a doubt one of the most amazing holiday destinations in the world and is immensely popular with people from all around the globe. There is never a lack of things to try out in this amazing destination and you will never feel tired here, what with all those peaceful vibes that are flowing around constantly. Here are some fun activities that you can try out while you are here.

Go to the Tegenungan Waterfall

This is one of those places that will make you go wide eyed with wonder and awe. Try to get here early on in the day so that you can get photographs of the falls with no interruption from other tourists. You can also find this place really easily if you are renting out a scooter which any of the best ubud hotel options will offer you at a small additional price. Keep an eye out while you are travelling for blue signs that goes over the road and displays the name of the falls very clearly. Your accommodation will also be able to give you directions on how you can get here. There will be a small entrance fee to access the waterfalls and unfortunately you are not allowed to swim there but the images and the scenery is totally worth the trip.

The Istana Tampaksiring

One of the most amazing temples to visit here Istana is close to Gunung Kawi and if you are on a scooter you should be able to access this easily. You will be able to see amazing pools with fresh water running inside them and the locals bathing under these pools as they pray. This is a very spiritual place and it is also really unique. Make sure to click some pictures of this beautiful place of worship as well.

Try out the Campuhan Ridge walk

If you are thinking about trying out this work, you should get an early start on it in the morning or get to it in the late afternoon. If you try to do this while the sun is high and you have a low tolerance to temperatures spiking, you may find that you are not very comfortable. The light here is also much better at dawn or dusk for photography opportunities. The walk in itself is pretty easy and calming and it takes you through some amazing and winded pathways that are adorned by paddy fields and open spaces on either side of it.

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