Pre-Nuptial War: Engaged Couples’ Arguments

As always, planning for a wedding is a tough and stressful task. Most couples plan their weddings one year in advance to properly schedule all the tasks. Everything from the bride’s hair and make-up to the guests’ seating arrangement has to be prepared beforehand. No wonder couples often fight before their wedding day. However, engaging in any argument with your fiancé is the last thing that you need. Then again, the arguments are inevitable as it has become a pre-nuptial ritual among engaged couples. In no specific order, the list below sums up the most common things that engaged couples argue about.


Narrowing down the people who you like to invite can be such a pain. Guest lists are such a controversial topic to every engaged couple. Of course, you would want all your family, relatives, and friends to be there on your big day but think about how your guest list will expand if you keep on adding one. Not to mention the costs associated for every guest added to your list. Though excluding some might mean estranging relatives and losing friends. Well, the most common thing to do is to set a limit based on the capacity of the venue. If your venue can accommodate 500 guests, divide it in half so you will have a balanced guest list. That is 250 guests for the groom and 250 guests for the bride. Through this, you will not exceed in terms of venue capacity and allocated budget.


Money. Regardless of its use – may it be for shopping, travel airfare or electronic device – it has always been and will always be a source of tension among many. The same goes for underway wedding plans of engaged couples. Between the couple, one will usually like an elaborate wedding, while the other tries to tone it down. And so, the series of arguments begin. Although the budget is an inevitable topic like the guest list, it is important that you discuss and decide on a budget. On top of your budget, agree on a contingency buffer in case of overspending. Always assume the worst; hence, set aside an additional 30% to 50% of your final cost as a buffer. As you work on your tasks such as reserving the venue and choosing your wedding supplies, track down your expenses and compare every quotation to your allocated budget. This way, you won’t go overboard.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Although the practice of preparing pre-nuptial agreements was not a thing of the past, it has slowly become a trend nowadays. As you may all know, a pre-nuptial agreement is a type of contract concerning the retention of your respective financial assets if the marriage fails. Of course, we do not welcome failed marriages but in most cases, today, engaged couples draft one. According to survey statistics, 46% of the divorce attorneys in the US reveals that women initiate the request for pre-nuptial agreements. At the end of the day, it is a matter of mutual perspective for the engaged couples.

Planning for the big day can inevitably lead to arguments but all these can be resolved through proper communication and open-mindedness. Though preparations can be stressful, you should not forget to enjoy yourself. After all, this is your wedding.

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