8 Must-Haves for a Terrific Kids Party

Parents could agree on how such a heart-warming feeling it is to see your kid have loads of fun with his friends in a birthday bash you have thrown for him on his birthday. Of course, a terrific affair will require some planning and preparations. And to see your kiddo smile and enjoy on his big day would be all worth it.

In preparation for the big day, there is a wide range of options for supplies you can get at any party wholesale Singapore can conveniently provide to the planners. The perfect supplies set a joyous mood for the event. Here are some must-haves for a terrific celebration.


Let the people in your guest list know all about the event with a creative invitation. It can either be on paper cards or an electronic invite. There are ready-made available invitations, or you can have them customized. However you may wish, an invitation has to be specially made for the day, which will showcase the theme or just simply highlight the special day if there’s no theme.


A special celebration needs some decorations. Adding in some banners, balloons, confetti, paper decors, lights, or any kind of decorations you would prefer will give off a festive feel that will surely be appreciated by your kid and will have your guests impressed.

Birthday Hats and Party Horns

To add to the festive mood, you can give out birthday hats and party horns. A fun challenge to have on the celebration would be to have guests blow the Happy Birthday tune on their party horns.


Bring in some fun with some games. Popular games kids love to play are Musical Statues, Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel, Egg and Spoon Race, and Simon Says.


A birthday celebration would never be complete without a cake. Bakeries can provide specialized cakes to correspond to the theme of the celebration or in any design of preference.


Kids love candy. Having some sweet treats prepared would definitely delight them.

Delicious Food and Drinks

Have some usual favorites prepared to serve your guests, so they’d surely like the food. Also, be sure to have enough for all the guests. As for the drinks, you could serve some tasty beverages, either soda; juice; punch; or whatever it is you wish to serve. You might also need to provide water. And some festive tableware and utensils would be perfect to use for the celebration.

Goody Bags

Your kid’s friends can leave happily after the celebration with a goody bag to take home with them. As much as they loved celebrating your kid’s birthday, they, too, would love consuming the delicious treats; playing with fun toys; and whatnot placed in the bag.

Your kids, as well as his guests, will surely have a great time at the birthday bash if it has these must-haves.

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