Tips in Organizing a Charity Walk

Times have changed and citizens are more aware while trying to make their voice count for important social causes of a country. These causes can vary from gender quality, LGBT rights, environment pollution, water scarcity, animal rights or simply even making the general public aware about legal rights. Organizing a charity walk is a great way to get the message across and see the amount of audience that supports this cause to make a difference. Its quite a task to get things done but with the help of these tips, it’s will be one great event you organized in life to make meaningful impact.

Proper Advertising

It is important to get the message across since the crowd gets to know about these events in different ways such as social media, newspaper, radio or TV advertisements. These ads need to properly mention the cause of the charity walk and the details of the event so that the participants won’t get mis leaded by wrong information. If you are looking forward for donations from people, please feel free to mention it in the social media posts with a contact person and bank details to coordinate it with. Few flyers of the event can hang around in schools, universities and even shopping malls to attract a diverse crowd.

Participation Tracking and Giveaways

In order to track your participants properly, you can use an online survey form to register them as well as have an onsite registration desk for the ones who hear about this event from word of mouth or elderly people who has difficulties in performing the online registration. Make sure the registration form includes about the registration fees you must pay online or on the day of the race with the registration desk as it will help you in making some actual impact for the cause you choose with the added funds. You also can have a first come first serve basis giveaways of T-shirts, hand bands or caps. Refer to corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore to draw more ideas for the giveaways of the participants.

Sponsors and Partners

To gain few sponsorships, you can create few sponsorship letters and give out to different local stores in the area to gain some support or come to an agreement with them to display their logo or banners in T shirts or the giveaways you choose. After all, it’s for a good cause. Make sure you have different sponsorship amount options since not everyone can afford the same. If they are not able to make a cash donation, also seek if they can provide the walk with any refreshment or even a free service to make it a reality. You also have the chance to partner up with different food and beverage company or event coverage company to get the service for a discounted rate.

Permits and Legalities

The most important part of the walk is to get the permission from the local authorities and keeping them informed about the event. Local authorities can be the area municipal council, police station and extra support from the police in case of any roadblocks that can occur. It is also a must to contact an emergency service to have a first aid unit running for the walk for any injured participant.

These steps will surely help you make some difference in your community with the charity walk. DO everything with a good heart and see the results grow.

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