Say multiple stories with one same flower – different colors

You know flowers have the ability to talk? They are able to tell you stories in a much more better way than your words could ever do. This is why flowers are special, unique and of course, all-time favorite. If you love someone, you give him/her a red rose, and that’s where romance and compassion starts. You give your friend a yellow rose, and that’s where the true affection starts. Likewise, flowers do talk. May be you are not a good speaker, and you struggle with words when they are needed the most, guess what, flowers can always help you out.

Roses, lilies, tulips- they all have different colors and shades. And, these can carry different messages as well. But, these have become so common now a days that, people seek for more uncommon options that can really surprise their loved ones. This is the point where an uncommon type of a flower- as Peony gets remembered. This, although is not as popular as roses, can carry different messages because we have multiple colors available.

Peonies can either mean honor, romance, beauty, bashfulness or even wealth. Here’s a small description of what and what each peony color says, and the message it carries.

Red- the deep one

Red is always the color for love and romance. Deep red peonies also represent honor and respect towards a person. If you love someone, and words are not enough to express the feeling you have for him/her, let a red peony express them for you. It may look like a crazy small act of deal, but the impact is large.

The pink

Pink peonies singapore are mostly used at weddings, for decorations and the bouquets. Suppose someone has stolen your heart and you badly want to feel her/him special in a unique way, pink peonies would match the purpose the most and the best. This color is also for romance and compassion, and this also has a celebration touch in it, and this is why this flower is a good party decoration prop that adds color and glamour.

White one

White peony is used for bouquets of brides because this is a denotation of prettiness. In addition to this, white peonies are a good way to say sorry to someone you love. This is obviously the best apology one could have, because with a bunch of white peonies, a note of apology can hardly be denied. This is because white peonies imply shame. You may feel embarrassed to do directly and say- sorry, it was my mistake, or sometimes your ego will not allow this, but guess what, this amazing flower will have that magical power.

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