Plan Ahead: Arrange Your Own Memorial Service

In this society, death is somewhat a taboo topic to discuss. The medical field ventures into numerous technological advancements to prolong life, so why shorten it? Well, death is inevitable and it could happen anytime. Although the specific time remains unknown, who knows when it will knock into our doors? Regardless of it, we should be prepared for whatever it is that could happen in the future – this, in fact, is the logic behind why there are those people who plan ahead. They want everything in order – from their daily task to their last will and testament to their memorial service. Yes, even the memorial service. Although it sounds a little weird to do so, you have to be practical so keep these tips in mind.

Ceremony Type

The ceremonies that you can choose from could vary depending on your preference. It can be the traditional ones, which can either be a burial or a cremation service. There are also non-religious ones wherein you have can be sea burials or scatterings. However, you can also come up with other ceremonial types that you like. As to the attendees, you can also decide if you like it to remain private with just the members of the immediate family and close friends. You can also opt to have it as a more public event. Better yet, you can have both wherein the public affair would take place after having some private time with the immediate family and close friends. Whatever your decision will be, you can coordinate this with funeral directors Perth to know the intricate details of the possible ceremonial options.

Memorial Service

Regardless of the ceremonial type, most put more importance on the memorial service that will take place. Generally, it is about the life of the deceased one. It is where family and friends share their happy memories with the deceased one, the favorite things that they want, and the lessons that they have learned. During the memorial service, hymns could be played, and poetry and readings could be spoken. The eulogy is also included during the memorial service. How do you want your relatives to remember you? You can write it down and request someone to read it for you during your memorial service. Another option would be to just let others who want to volunteer to just speak out and say a few words. 


Aside from the ceremonial type and the memorial service, you should not also forget your last will. Although the scene where the bereaved family fights over the assets left by the loved one happens mostly in movies, it also takes place in real life. It is shocking but true. Hence, it is best to write your incontestable last will and testament that they should follow in the event of your death. You should also indicate what you intend to happen with your organs. Should it be donated? You should also specify what happens to your accounts – may it be a social media account or an online banking account. This ensures that everything is in order even though you have peacefully left the human world.

It may seem weird to deal about this while you are still up and running but, as mentioned, it is always best to be prepared.

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