4 Essential Tips for Setting up A Stall

Whether you’re taking part in a bake sale at school or displaying your art at a popular fair, you need to ensure that your stall is properly set up. This way you can focus completely on the selling without having to adjust things every few minutes.

If you’ve never set up a stall before, don’t worry because we’re here to help. By adhering to our compilation of helpful tips, you should have no trouble setting up a booth that not only holds up but draws potential buyers.

Find a Proper Table

When picking out a table for your stall, make sure that you choose one that is sturdy. For instance, if one of the legs of a particular table is shorter than the rest then it’s going to be wobbling all the time. This isn’t ideal if you’re planning on placing fragile items on top of it.

If you need to use a very long table or a couple of smaller ones, it can be a hassle to transport them. In that case, trestles may be the preferable option.  You can simply fold them up and unfold them when necessary. However, before you place anything on them, make sure all the legs are clicked into place. Otherwise, the pressure may cause them to collapse inward.

Put Up a Proper Sign

A sign improves the visibility of your stall and helps you stand out among others. If you’ve got some prior DIY experience then you can build one of your own using:

  • A pair of support wood chocks
  • Two wooden poles
  • A plank made out of plywood or a similar material.

Make sure that the wood chocks are glued firmly to the base of the table or trestle.

Set Up Shade

You can’t always be absolutely certain that you’ll have optimum weather conditions on the day of the sale/fair. Hence, it’s always best to be prepared by setting up an appropriately sized tent over your table.

If you get one of those custom printed tents you won’t even have to construct a sign! With one of these, you’ll also be able to put up some attractive designs that’ll help catch the eyes of potential buyers.

Determine a Proper Layout for the Items

If you’re selling food items, then first of all, you have to ensure that they’re properly covered. Plastic food wraps are pretty great at keeping away dust, bugs and even people sneezes.

Next, arrange your items in a logical order. For instance, you can choose to group them by price or category. For a bake sale in particular, the latter is more preferable. You can segregate cakes from cookies or sweet from savory.

Once you’ve done that, put up the proper signs pointing to each individual item or a group as a whole. Individual item signs should preferably contain both name and price. Make sure these are properly taped to the items so that they don’t get misplaced.

Setting up a stall can seem like a very simple job but there are a few important things to consider. This includes putting up a proper surface to hold your items, installing a sign, putting up shade and planning a proper display layout.

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